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4–7 Jun 2019

PowerShell Conference Europe 2019


Welcome to Europe’s largest PowerShell-themed annual conference! In 2019, we are looking forward to a joyful “Recalibration Week” where we put together all the opportunities that PowerShell offers in a modern world, and make this week a fun learning experience for everyone.

We’ll have 350 delegate seats again and 40 international speakers. You can build your personal agenda from 3 parallel tracks using our conference app (iOS, Android).

Here is why people from 35 countries travel to Hannover to attend:

  • Advanced PowerShell Topics: In 2019, we want sessions to be even more practical. With roughly 80 sessions, there’s a lot of knowledge to harvest and take home.
  • Great Speakers: A ratio of 1 speaker per 10 delegates makes very personal. Speakers are renown international industry experts with solid experience.
  • Inspiring Delegates: Most delegates are experienced professional PowerShell users and automation experts who are writing and running the company’s automation scripts.

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Welcome to Europe’s largest PowerShell-themed annual conference!

in 2020 the conference will take place on June 2-5 in Hannover.

We believe that PowerShell Conference Europe is the perfect place for PowerShell experts, PowerShell team members and people passionate about PowerShell from around the world to meet, share, network, learn and also have a great time!

To better understand the fantastic experience of this event, check out the 2019 After Movie

We would LOVE to have YOU here with us to share your knowledge, experience and wisdom. Please submit your sessions for review.

Find topics that you think that Passionate PowerShell Professionals will be interested in. Language, IoT, PowerShell Core, PowerShell 7, Cloud, Pester, DSC, Operations, Tooling, Security, GUI, O365, Data, Automation even soft skills are all acceptable.

Videos from the conference (74):

Staffan Gustafsson - Improving Performance by Reducing Memory Allocations
Christian Imhorst - PDF Hacks with PowerShell
Mathias Jessen - RegEx 4.0 - ^(?<pp>a )?must-have tool(?(pp)|s)$
Jakub Jareš - Pester internals and concepts (v2)
Gael Colas - YAML Engineering for PowerShellers (v2)
Mark Warneke - Test infrastructure as code?