Past event
4–7 Jun 2019

PowerShell Conference Europe 2019


Welcome to Europe’s largest PowerShell-themed annual conference! In 2019, we are looking forward to a joyful “Recalibration Week” where we put together all the opportunities that PowerShell offers in a modern world, and make this week a fun learning experience for everyone.

We’ll have 350 delegate seats again and 40 international speakers. You can build your personal agenda from 3 parallel tracks using our conference app (iOS, Android).

Here is why people from 35 countries travel to Hannover to attend:

  • Advanced PowerShell Topics: In 2019, we want sessions to be even more practical. With roughly 80 sessions, there’s a lot of knowledge to harvest and take home.
  • Great Speakers: A ratio of 1 speaker per 10 delegates makes very personal. Speakers are renown international industry experts with solid experience.
  • Inspiring Delegates: Most delegates are experienced professional PowerShell users and automation experts who are writing and running the company’s automation scripts.

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Videos from the conference (74):

Staffan Gustafsson - Improving Performance by Reducing Memory Allocations
Christian Imhorst - PDF Hacks with PowerShell
Mathias Jessen - RegEx 4.0 - ^(?<pp>a )?must-have tool(?(pp)|s)$
Jakub Jareš - Pester internals and concepts (v2)
Gael Colas - YAML Engineering for PowerShellers (v2)
Mark Warneke - Test infrastructure as code?