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18–19 Nov 2019

PAW Business Berlin 2019


The premier machine learning conference.

GUIDING THEME 2019 From Data Lab to Data Ops.

The time for experimentation is over. Companies expect their data labs to deliver what the AI hype has promised them: more customers, higher revenues, more efficient processes and much more. But many projects are stuck in the PoC trap: they work as prototypes – but not in real operation. Data science must become a data industry: we ourselves must learn to become more efficient and effective – by identifying the really critical challenges in the company, developing the appropriate solution ideas, translating the ideas quickly into functioning models, developing scalable solutions from the models and finally ensuring that these solutions are used profitably by the specialist departments. This requires a new self-image: we are not the experimental laboratory of the companies – but their machine room: Data Ops instead of Data Labs.

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