Past event
8 Feb 2020

Processing Community Day NYC


We welcome artists, programmers, activists, educators, hobbyists from all cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds to submit a proposal for a talk, workshop, performance or facilitated conversation. If you have an idea that doesn’t fit our format, pick the closest one and let us know your idea. We are interested in proposals relating to: community building, radical pedagogy, art and code, tool-building, and open source software. Additional areas of interest for this year:

  • Ethics and Code
  • Community-Driven Technology
  • Computational Literacy
  • The Browser as Creative Tool
  • Decentralized Web
  • Machine Learning
  • Activist-oriented tech
  • Sustainability
  • Live performance
  • Games and Play

Our community is inspired by Processing and p5.js but proposals need not be limited to these tools.

Interested in making a proposal but need help or feedback on your idea? Get in contact by the deadline and we'll pair you up with a mentor to work with you