Past event
6–8 Sep 2019

Product Owners Camp 2019


The POCamp conference is organized by using the Open Conference formula, this is a format quite interesting that fits very well with Agile.

Unlike a conventional conference, which comprises a step of design and preparation of the content for the various talks (for example, through the classic call for papers), an Open Conference is just a container and then the logistical aspects of the conference (from location to the layout of the various rooms).

The content of the conference are decided by the participants who register at the POCamp by specifying exactly what to expect by attending the event or how they plan to contribute to the various threads (for example, by giving examples, use cases, direct experience in the field and more).

An open conference is therefore based on a very simple and clear format: each participant can attend to what he believes is the most interesting event, to enter or exit from the talk (and to bring in other groups as heard elsewhere – something called cross pollination – this is useful to do not waste time in discussions in which he is less interest).