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20–23 Jun 2022
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Welcome to the Call for Speakers Page for PowerShell Conference Europe 2022. This time it will be held at the Hilton Vienna Park Hotel in Vienna, Austria between

June 20-23, 2022

If we do not feel it is safe or the Austrian regional or state legislation does not allow for a safe in-person event, we are keeping our options open, but we are focused and committed to deliver a great in-person conference if possible.

We believe that PowerShell Conference Europe is the perfect place for PowerShell experts, PowerShell team members and people passionate about PowerShell from around the world to meet, share, network, learn and also have a wonderful time!

To better understand the fantastic experience of this event, check out the 2019 After Movie

We would LOVE to have YOU here with us to share your knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

Please submit your sessions for review.

Get Some Inspiration!

To help you get started and better understand what delegates are looking for, we asked what people would like to see at PSConfEU 2022!

You can read the thread explaining the survey results here

The responses show a lot of interest in Real-Life PowerShell, DevOps Concepts, Pure Deep PowerShell, Azure and some interests in On-Prem scenarios or non-technical skills such as Community, Soft Skills, Career development, Blog Writing, How to Stream, etc...

If one of the proposed topics happens to be your area of specialty, you may want to also submit a session covering one or more of those.

Please do not feel constrained by the proposed topics. Add at least one session that is completely different! The proposed topics are just a helpful and somewhat random snapshot of what the expectation might be, but we all love surprises!
By no means do they represent the entire spectrum of this conference.

Please make sure that you also follow us on Twitter @PSConfEU, using the hashtag #PSConfEU and via our website