Past event
15–18 Aug 2019



4th Annual Regional Python Conference.

August 15-16, 2019 WORKSHOPS | August 17-18, 2019 TALKS San Francisco, California

PyBay is offered by SF Python, a volunteer-run organization dedicated to building a stronger Python developer community. We do this by organizing fun events that encourage developers to meet like-minded folks, share what they know, and learn from each other. It’s hard work, but seeing people grow and make new friends and connections makes it worth it! We love hearing about companies making hires and migrating to better technologies as a result of our gatherings. We're also grateful to receive support for our work, financially and otherwise. We look forward to delighting you at PyBay and at other SF Python events throughout the year.

Videos from the conference (74):

Make the Most of it Negotiation and Self Advocacy - Lusen Mendel
Supercharging a VFX Production Pipeline with Analytics - Bridgette Powell
Full Stack Web with Nothing but Python How Anvil Works - Meredydd Luff
Dependency Injection, Quickly - Ed Jung
The latest with BLACK, so you can stop worrying about Formatting - Łukasz Langa
Talking to data as you would with built in types - Thor Whalen