Past event
7–8 Sep 2019

PyColorado 2019


PyColorado is a regional Python conference to bring together the community of Python users and developers in the Front Range region of the Rocky Mountains. Python is a popular open-source programming language with many users in this region, including many organizations and companies who rely on the language in their technology stack. Despite rapid growth and increasing prominence of the Rocky Mountain region in the technology world it has been historically underserved with opportunities for collaboration and education, a problem this conference seeks to redress.

PyColorado commits to creating a diverse, inclusive, accessible and safe conference. We invite speakers and attendees from all over the world to enjoy the superb sights and activities Colorado has to offer while mingling with the local Python community. In this way we help bring the community to greater prominence, help participants improve their Python skills, and connect technology talent to opportunities in industry and interest.

Videos from the conference (19):

Frank Valcarcel: PyColorado Closing Remarks
Rami Chowdhury: Developing With Empathy
Andrew Vaccaro: Pandas May Be Slow, but Pandas Doesn't Have to Be
Moshe Zadka: Boring Object Orientation
Jordan Hagan: Optimizing SQL + Python Pipelines for Data Science
Gabriel Boorse: Unleashing the Eighth Plague: An Intro to Load Testing with Locust and Python