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1–9 May 2019

PyCon US 2019


The PyCon 2019 conference, which will take place in Cleveland, is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language.

PyCon is a diverse conference dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience to everyone. Help us do this by following our code of conduct.

PyCon is really five events in a row:

  • Tutorial Days
  • Conference Days
  • Scheduled talks
  • Open Spaces
  • Lightning talks

At the end of each day we dedicate time to a quick series of 5-minute talks on almost any topic. The fast-paced volleys of lightning talks are fired in the main ballroom in front of a large audience, making them a very effective way to reach out to the community.

Other PyCon US events:

Past event
PyCon US 2020
15–23 Apr 2020

Videos from the conference (94):

Zac Hatfield-Dodds - Escape from auto-manual testing with Hypothesis! - PyCon 2019
Shauna Gordon-McKeon - A New Era in Python Governance - PyCon 2019
Jes Ford - Getting Started Testing in Data Science - PyCon 2019
Philip James, Asheesh Laroia - Account Security Patterns: How Logged-In Are you? - PyCon 2019
Liz Sander - Lowering the Stakes of Failure with Pre-mortems and Post-mortems - PyCon 2019
Jake VanderPlas - How to Think about Data Visualization - PyCon 2019