Past event
22 Feb 2020

PyCon Belarus 2020


PyCon Belarus 2020 will be held on February 22 in Minsk, Belarus. The conference is organized by SPACE team with the support of Python Software Foundation. We expect more than 300 participants for PyCon Belarus 2019.

  • 2 tracks with talks about last trends in Python development and data science talks;
  • networking zone with short talks from the local Python community.

The video of the talks and conference photos will be shared for free with attendees and community worldwide.

Videos of talks from 2019.

Conference photos from 2019.

The main purpose of PyCon Belarus is to sharpen developers’ skills in order to make it easier for them to uncover all new trends in Python. We believe that diversity of speakers and topics will make our event better.

Videos from the conference (18):

PyConBY 2020: Andrew Godwin - The long road to asynchrony
PyConBY 2020: Ronan Lamy - Pythonic doesn't mean slow!
PyConBY 2020: Kirill Vasin - ML Pipeline: Structuring Data Analysis Projects (RU)
PyConBY 2020: Andrew Nester - Modern IDEs - how do they work?
PyConBY 2020: Lena Volzhina - Building hyperlocal weather forecast with machine learning techniques
PyConBY 2020: Christian Heimes - Introduction to low level profiling and tracing