Past event
16–17 Sep 2019

PyCon JP 2019


The biggest Python Festival in Japan, PyCon JP 2019, will be held in Tokyo September 14-17 this year.

The main conference days will be September 16th and 17th with tutorials on the 15th and the sprints on the 14th.

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Past event
PyCon JP 2020
28–30 Aug 2020

Videos from the conference (53):

01-100_Opening+KeyNote_Why Python is Eating the World (Cory Althoff)
01-101_Python開発を円滑に進めるためのツール設定(Atsushi Odagiri)
01_201_PythonとGoogle Optimization Toolsの最適化ライブラリで、「人と人の相性を考慮したシフトスケジューラ」を作ってみた。(鈴木庸氏)
01_202_Yet Another Isolation - Debian Packageと紐づく環境分離(末田卓巳 /Takumi SUEDA)
01_203_SupportingPython3 in Large Scale Project(Kir Chou)