Past event
29–31 Aug 2019

PyCon Latam 2019


PyCon Latam is a conference organized by the Py Latam community.

PyCon Latam is a flavor of the PyCon conference that aims to bring together python developers from all latin american countries, and serve as a platform for them to interface with the python community at large. This 3 day conference starts on August 29th and ends on the 31st.

PyCon Latam’s main focus include the promotion and improvement of communication, collaboration and integration among developers in Latin America.

PyCon Latam also invites developers from other nations to participate and help grow Latin America’s software development community.

As part of our commitment to the Python community, we are pleased to announce that we offer special grants for people in need of financial aid to attend PyCon Latam. Please click the link for more information:

Videos from the conference (11):

Keynote: El Efecto Mariposa de Python - Lorena Mesa - PyCon Latam 2019
High Perfomance Pandas - Luis David Camacho Gonzalez - PyCon Latam 2019
Dependency Management in Python - Patrick Mühlbauer - PyCon Latam 2019
Modern Identity Management - Mercedes Wyss - PyCon Latam 2019
Inheriting code, and I don't mean classes - Flavio Percoco - PyCon Latam 2019
Modern Python packaging without pain - Oscar Cortez - PyCon Latam 2019