Past event
20–22 Sep 2019

PyCon Taiwan 2019


PyCon Taiwan is an annual convention in Taiwan for the discussion and promotion of the Python programming language. It is held by enthusiasts and focuses on Python technology and its versatile applications. We welcome people who are interested in Python to join PyCon Taiwan to share knowledge, exchange ideas, make connections and to help us grow our network.

Videos from the conference (47):

Keynote: Programming Language Tourism: Leave Python and see the world! – PyCon Taiwan 2019
Keynote: The Different Paths We Take as Programmers – PyCon Taiwan 2019
Keynote: Understanding Deep Neural Networks – PyCon Taiwan 2019
Keynote: Artificial Intelligence in Finance – PyCon Taiwan 2019
The Python Spirit Behind LED Glasses (LED 眼鏡背後的蟒蛇魂) – PyCon Taiwan 2019
Honey, There Is a Python in My Android Phone! – PyCon Taiwan 2019