Past event
7–8 Dec 2019

PyData Austin 2019


PyData Austin 2019, hosted by Galvanize.

December 7-8, 2019.

PyData brings together analysts, scientists, developers, engineers, architects and others from the data science community to discuss new techniques and tools for management, analytics and visualization of data. PyData welcomes presentations focusing on Python as well as other languages used in data science (e.g. R, Julia). Presentation content can be at a novice, intermediate or advanced level.

Videos from the conference (37):

Travis E Oliphant: Extending Python Into the Future | PyData Austin 2019
Katrina Riehl: What the...? Data Science Questions Asked and Answered | PyData Austin 2019
Andy Terrel: Becoming a Data Head, a reflection on the trade offs and decision | PyData Austin 2019
Peter Wang: Q&A with the CEO of Anaconda | PyData Austin 2019
Julia Hollek: Data Science How do you Even? | PyData Austin 2019
Alex Bozarth, Luciano Resende: Customizing JupyterLab using extensions | PyData Austin 2019