Past event
14–16 Jun 2019

PyLondinium 2019


PyLondinium is a gathering opportunity for enthusiasts of the Python Language organised by PSF volunteers in the City of London. It is an event in support of the Python Core Developer Sprint, meaning that all profits are directly donated to the Python Sofware foundation to organise the event.

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Past event
PyLondinium 2020
5–7 Jun 2020
  London London 

Videos from the conference (28):

How to best package your library? - Bernát Gábor - PyLondinium19
The soul of the beast: Everything about Python’s grammar - Pablo Galindo Salgado - PyLondinium19
The Adventures of pip and pacman: A Tale of Package Managers - László Kiss Kollár - PyLondinium19
If Errol Street Could Talk - Cheuk Ting Ho - PyLondinium19
Keynote: Python 2020 - Łukasz Langa - PyLondinium19
Data science with Python - Giuseppe Broccolo - PyLondinium19