Past event
20–21 Sep 2019

QA Fest 2019


QA Fest is the largest conference for test and test automation engineers from all over the world. Continuing the tradition, we will meet again in the largest IT city of Ukraine - Kyiv!

The event will bring together hundreds of experienced like-minded people, who seek to improve their skill to fit new market requirements and be in trend!

6 tracks are announced: tools & approaches, management, test automation & test ops, security & performance, innovation, career development.

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Past event
QA Fest 2020
25–26 Sep 2020
  Kyiv Kyiv 

Videos from the conference (19):

Игорь Фесенко. DevOps: Be good, Get good or Give up. DevOps Fest 2019
DevOps Fest 2019 [overview]
Володимир Кімак. Mobile CI/CD. Cross-platform app approach. DevOps Fest 2019
Никита Проценко. Infrastructure-as-code: bridging the gap between Devs and Ops. DevOps Fest 2019
Станислав Коленкин. Сonnecting pool Kubernetes clusters: Federation and Networks. DevOps Fest 2019
Сергей Марченко. Terraform: a novel about modules, providers, security, and pain. DevOps Fest 2019