Past event
21–22 Sep 2019

React Boston 2019


React Boston 2019 is New England's annual two-day React.js conference.

React Boston is a two-day, single-track conference on React hosted in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood and organized in collaboration with Wayfair Tech and the community ReactJS Boston Meetup. We're excited to welcome developers of all backgrounds, skill sets, and experience levels to join us for a weekend of high-quality content and great conversations with others in the developer community.

The event will be hosted on the weekend of September 21st and 22nd, 2019.

Videos from the conference (23):

Emma Wedekind: Foundations of Design Systems / React Boston 2019
Dave Ceddia: A Guided Tour of React Hooks / React Boston 2019
Ayesha Mazumdar: Accessibility in the Age of Components / React Boston 2019
Matt Crowder: Using React Testing Library to Write Stronger Tests / React Boston 2019
Cameron Yick: I've Fallen Into a Large Codebase and I Can't Get Up! / React Boston 2019
Varsha Thirumakil: Realtime App Development by Integrating Web Frameworks (⚡️) / React Boston 2019