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13 Aug 2020

React Rally 2020


React Rally is a community conference about React and topics interesting to React developers. We focus on a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, engaging talks from new and established speakers, and plenty of hallway-track time to chat with interesting people.

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Past event

React Rally is a two day single track conference for developers of all backgrounds using React.js, React Native, and related tools. Speakers will cover topics like React Native, state management, hooks, isomorphic universal JavaScript, and more. Whether you're a seasoned developer who has been using React since before it was cool, or a newcomer to the scene, React Rally has something for everyone!

As an attendee of React Rally you will enjoy two full days of talks where you will learn and keep your React knowledge current. You will also have built-in downtime throughout the day so you can discuss what you're learning with other developers, spend time catching up with old friends, or find opportunities to meet new friends. You will be provided with catered breakfast, and you will receive a gift card for lunch so that you can go out and explore Salt Lake City and enjoy some of the local fare. At the end of the day you can unwind and enjoy karaoke, dessert, board games, live music, or lawn games at the conference after parties held each evening.