Past event
15–21 Jul 2019

React Week New York 2019



RWNY '19 is a week-long program dedicated to React and its ecosystem. The conference and workshops will feature advanced topics aimed at experienced software engineers, team leaders, and consultants. A first of its kind in Manhattan!


The ReactNYC meetup is a group for React and React Native developers in NYC. Founded in March 2017 by 500Tech, it counts over 5.8K members. 100-150 people meet at least once a month to listen to 3-4 presentations and make new friends in their community.

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Videos from the conference (32):

Anna Doubková - Practical Performance in React (Native) | React Week NY 2019
Aucher Serr - A Case Study in Animating Data Visualization Transitions | React Week NY '19
Chen Feldman - React Native - Under The Bridge | React Week NY '19
Drew Wyatt - Hooked on Context: Managing External State | React Week NY '19
Elizabteh Funk, Steve Dalonzo & Suyash Chopra - Introduction to React Testing Library | RWNY '19
Kasia Jastrzebska - CSS. Under the Hood | React Week NY '19