Past event
12–16 May 2020

ReactEurope 2020


We still plan to run all our workshops online. As for the conference, we will be running it online with access to speakers who have gracefully accepted to be part of the stream, make sure to subscribe here to the stream open to all 🌎 πŸŽ₯

  • May 14-15th, 2020 (online conference)
  • May 12-13th-16th, 2020 (online workshops)
  • 2021 (next year's conference edition) Paris, France

ReactEurope is historically the place where many new industry standards in the React community are revealed to the world such as the first public demo of redux and time travel, the release of GraphQL, react native reanimated, mobx-state-tree and more.

ReactEurope is the original European Conference since 2015 (second only to facebook's react conf worldwide) and we are excited to be back in May 2020 for our 6th edition online.

Our Next edition after that will be on May 20th - 21st, 2021 in Paris.

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Past event
ReactEurope 2019
23–24 May 2019
Β Β ParisΒ ParisΒ 

Videos from the conference (27):

Recoil: State Management for Today's React - Dave McCabe aka @mcc_abe at @ReactEurope 2020
Bringing webgl to react - Paul Henschel aka @0xca0a at @ReactEurope 2020
The Latest in Next.js 9.4 by Tim Neutkens (@timneutkens) co-creator of Next.js at @ReactEurope 2020
Gatsby's roadmap and its future - Sid Chatterjee (@chatsidhartha) core-team gatsby @ReactEurope 2020
Excalidraw: Cool JS Tricks Behind the Scenes by Excalidraw Creator Christopher Chedeau aka @vjeux
Render Props are Not Dead - @Erik Rasmussen (aka @erikras) at @ReactEurope 2020