Past event
30 Oct – 1 Nov 2019

ReactiveConf 2019


ReactiveConf is a 3-day European-wide web and mobile development festival in the heart of Europe made for functional developers, where World-class JS experts share unique insights.

The conference covers all cutting-edge mobile and web tech stacks. We embrace the diversity of thought, and we give you a snapshot of what’s coming next in web and mobile development.

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Videos from the conference (66):

ReactiveConf 2019 - Petr Bambusek: Path to Continuous Deployment
ReactiveConf 2019 - Luis Roman: Optimising React’s TTI
ReactiveConf 2019 - Evgeny Kot: Butterfly Effect: the Story about One Technical Decision
ReactiveConf 2019 - Daniel Steigerwald: Making a New ContentEditable Editor
ReactiveConf - Dan Steigerwald
ReactiveConf 2019 - Daniel Hejl: Establishing Platform Teams to Utilize the Economy of Scale