Past event
13 Sep 2019

React Live 2019


React Live is a unique chance to watch React & React Native experts Live Coding on stage.

13+ Presentations from the World's React & React Native Leaders covering the newest releases, principles and tools to apply when building components with React including:

  • React Animations with SVG,
  • State Management with React Hooks,
  • Design Patterns,
  • React 16 updates and more!.

React Live is a developer run and community driven conference brought to you by Frontend Love.

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Past event

React Live is a unique opportunity to watch React & React Native experts share their knowledge via the online stage on numerous topics like React Hooks, Micro Frontends, React Native,, React Context API, Redux and more. Giving you the chance to participate in HD online React talk stream, speaker Q&A Sessions, unique Panel Discussions, Tech Chat channels to learn from your colleagues and participate in a community event and celebrate an unforgettable afterparty from your couch at home.

📝 Program

Videos from the conference (14):

[React Live 2019] 1. Sid - What goes into building a design system
[React Live 2019] 2. Elizabet Oliveira - Animating an SVG cat with React.js
[React Live 2019] 3. Jamon Holmgren - Build an iOS and Android app in 15 minutes using React Native
[React Live 2019] 4. Kitze - Navigating the Hype Driven Frontend Development World
[React Live 2019] 5. David den Toom - Microfrontends
[React Live 2019] 6. Emma Wedekind - Live coding a Portfolio with Gatsby + GraphQL