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13 Sep 2019

React Live 2019


React Live is a unique chance to watch React & React Native experts Live Coding on stage.

13+ Presentations from the World's React & React Native Leaders covering the newest releases, principles and tools to apply when building components with React including:

  • React Animations with SVG,
  • State Management with React Hooks,
  • Design Patterns,
  • React 16 updates and more!.

React Live is a developer run and community driven conference brought to you by Frontend Love.

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Past event

Videos from the conference (14):

React Live Conference 2019 - Aftermovie
[React Live 2019] 13. Eric Bishard - State Management with React Hooks
[React Live 2019] 12. Karan Thakkar - Code Splitting in React Native
[React Live 2019] 11. Yoav Niran - React Tune Up
[React Live 2019] 10. Tim Neutkens - Next level Coding
[React Live 2019] 9. Lydia Hallie - Advanced React Trivia