Past event
11–12 May 2020

Redesigned PD Virtual [un]conference, 2020


In uncertain times, it’s easy to keep ourselves in a holding pattern. The good news is that we can continue moving forward by offering support to our teachers in a virtual setting, and we’re sharing our experiences to show you how. In this two-day virtual unconference-style event, learn simple ways to lead the quality learning experiences you’re used to in the virtual space. We’ll share how to quickly design effective virtual training without sacrificing the interactive activities you usually do in-person. You’ll hear how to coach teachers effectively, even if you aren’t seated beside them in the same room. You’ll learn why virtual professional learning is here to stay and may wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along!

This event will include a mix of pre-planned and on-demand sessions that answer your need-to-knows about effective virtual professional learning and coaching. We’ll share actionable tools and our lessons learned, while helping you with your specific learning needs. You’ll also earn CPE credit for attending!

Videos from the conference (10):

What does good coaching sound like?
What is the role of the coach?
What is the role of the coach?
What do Mick Jagger & Virtual Learning have in common?
How do solve the biggest problems for the 2020-21 school year?
Using Distance Learning to Create the Best School Experience Ever!