Women Talk Design is on a mission to see a more diverse group of speakers on stage.

Our Lightning Talks event offers an opportunity for new and experienced speakers to practice a short talk, in front of a safe supportive audience.

We invite you to be that supportive audience! Join us for an evening of talks on a range of topics in design, tech, career, and life.

To keep everyone safe and healthy with the spread of COVID-19, we're hosting this event online! We're excited to bring our in-person event into this new format, still offering our speakers an opportunity to practice and for our audience to meet one another (yay, Zoom breakout rooms), support our speakers, and provide feedback on the talks.

Speakers have been invited because they are delivering a talk for the first time, testing out new material, or looking for practice before presenting their talk in front of a larger audience. We invite the audience to be present and supportive, learn something new, and engage with the community. You'll also have an opportunity to provide feedback to the speakers and continue conversations after the talks.

Questions about the event? Reach out [email protected]


Welcome from Women Talk Design Meet a fellow audience member (Zoom breakout) Lightning Talks, Q&A + Feedback Goodnight!