Past event
21 Sep 2019

Research Triangle PowerShell Saturday 2019


The Research Triangle PowerShell is excited to announce our first PowerShell Saturday event!

This event will be a one day conference focusing on all things PowerShell. The day will include content for professionals of all levels and is being advertised as a full day of learning for our attendees.

This event is open to speakers of all skill levels and this is an excellent opportunity to get experience in presenting content to an audience. We are very happy to work with first-time speakers as long as your topic is relevant to the information topics listed below.

All you need is a passion for PowerShell and an interesting topic. If you are wondering if you can do this, you can!

Videos from the conference (12):

PSS: Code, Commit, Deploy. Starting your 3 step journey to using Pipelines with Stephen Valdinger
PSS: Using Dbatools To Automate Database Migrations with Joshua Corrick
PSS: Crossing the Divide A System Administrator's Path to DevOps with Dave Carroll
PSS: Why you Should be Using PSReadline Every Day with Jeffery Hayes
PSS: The Ins and Outs of Error Handling Final with David Littlejon
PSS: How to Avoid Azure Surprises with Michael Teske