2–4 Dec 2020



REVULN 20x1 is an international cybersecurity conference taking place the 2020 April 28-30 in Metro Manila (Philippines) at RED Hotel Cubao.

The event is entirely organized and financed by us without any external sponsors.

The conference is focused on the following topics with presentations covering countries and areas of Asia:

- Cybersecurity and hacking communities (organizations, hackerspaces, makerspaces and hacklabs)

- Open topic on cybersecurity, journalism, freedom of information, intelligence, cryptography, data analysis, cyber resiliency, data privacy, censorship, activism, technologies in law enforcement, and so on

The topics are presented from different points of view and focused on the countries and personal experiences of the 15 international speakers.
Each presentation covers a slot of 45 minutes inclusive of questions (Q&A session).
A 15 minutes break is available after each presentation for networking and privately talking with the speaker.

Main features of the event:

- no sponsors, no partners, no sponsored talks, no marketing or promoted business
- invitation-only and free for selected guests
- sessions covering specific target topics
- focused on the region where the event is hosted (Asia)
- improved networking with people from different countries and fields

What is this event?
REVULN is a series of free private meetings for invited guests where participants attend the presentations of international speakers and connect with all the selected guests.

Is this a marketing or promotional event?
No, nobody is going to promote or sell you anything.
The event has been created, planned and financed by us just for speakers and attendees, completely for free and without any business or promotional activity or purpose.
REVULN's goal is sharing knowledge and connecting people.

How can I attend the event?
The event is invitation-only with attendees selected by us or by other guests.
Anyway feel free to contact us if you wish to participate, we are ever looking for interesting guests who can contribute to the events with their presence.