Past event

Rootconf is a platform to discuss real-world problems around Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), network management, cloud, infrastructure, distributed systems and DevSecOps.

Participants, speakers and reviewers who attend/contribute to Rootconf include:

  • DevOps engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)
  • Security and DevSecOps professionals
  • Software engineers
  • Network engineers

The Delhi edition will bring new ideas, new community members and novel problem-solving approaches around:

  • Networking engineering and network security
  • Infrastructure automation, including tooling and architecture approaches
  • Cloud architecture
  • DevOps

Rootconf Delhi will be held on 18 January, 2020. Workshops will be held before and after the conference.

Videos from the conference (12):

Vitess: stateless storage in the cloud by Sugu Sougoumarane
Journey from VM-based deployments to Kubernetes by Bhavin Gandhi
Around the cluster in 80ms: the journey of a packet by Monica Gangwar
Real-time machine learning inference platform at Zomato by Nikunj Jain
PubSub: real-time messaging service at Hotstar by Piyush Gupta
Meeseeks: service dependency graph at Flipkart by Gaurav Sharma