Past event
28 Sep 2019

Ruby Russia 2019


The leading Ruby conference in Russia. We expand the borders, discuss new topics and unite the Ruby developers in one large-scale event.

Come to learn something new, chat with the colleagues and Ruby stars, learn about the Ruby and Rails development prospects first hand, enhance your skills and be inspired for the whole year.

1 day, 2 flows of speeches, and a splendid after party. We are waiting for you!

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Past event
Ruby Russia 2020
13–15 Nov 2020

Videos from the conference (30):

Ruby Russia 2019
If — The Vodka of Ruby. Nick Sutterer
Dr. Strangecode or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Refactoring. Dávid Halász
Speeding up Initial Rendering of Rails Pages with render_async. Nikola Đuza
Добро пожаловать, или посторонним доступ закрыт. Владимир Дементьев
Безопасность приложений Ruby on Rails. Михаил Пронякин