Past event
28 Sep 2019

Ruby Russia 2019


The leading Ruby conference in Russia. We expand the borders, discuss new topics and unite the Ruby developers in one large-scale event.

Come to learn something new, chat with the colleagues and Ruby stars, learn about the Ruby and Rails development prospects first hand, enhance your skills and be inspired for the whole year.

1 day, 2 flows of speeches, and a splendid after party. We are waiting for you!

Videos from the conference (30):

Break, a debugger in plain Ruby. Genadi Samokovarov.
Пишем функционально с алгебраическими эффектами. Никита Шильников.
Zeitwerk: A new code loader. Xavier Noria.
Как перестать писать E2E тесты и начать их синтезировать. Артем Страхов.
Деньги! Иван Шаматов.
Ruby on Races. Артем Кривоножко.