Past event
14–15 Sep 2019

RubyC 2019


RubyC is a European conference devoted to Ruby, Rails and other related technologies.

Every year we invite hundreds of Ruby enthusiasts and developers from various programming groups to exchange knowledge, discuss the latest news, learn from one another, and generally have a wonderful time in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Next year we change our customary timing and meet in September. Do not worry, it is usually still warm.

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RubyC 2020
12–13 Sep 2020
  Kyiv Kyiv 

Videos from the conference (13):

RubyC 2019. Yulia Oletskaya: "RPC frameworks overview"
RubyC 2019. Walerian Sobczak: "Distributed stream processing in Ruby"
RubyC 2019. Yevhen Kuzminov: "A year with Hanami in production: the Good, the Bad and some Recipes"
RubyC 2019. Aleksander Dąbrowski: "10 performance sins of Rails applications"
RubyC 2019. Ivan Shamatov: "It's all about money, money, money"
RubyC 2019. Benoit Daloze: "Parallel and Thread-Safe Ruby at High-Speed with TruffleRuby"