Past event
6–7 Feb 2020

Rubyfuza & friends 2020


The 2020 Rubyfuza & friends conference will be held on February 6 & 7 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Rubyfuza does not only focus on experienced programmers, but also on educating and training new, young programmers, with RailsBridge and Coderetreat being amongst the events we’ve brought to South Africa for the first time. Rubyfuza is a great place to network with passionate software engineers, recruit top talent, and learn new and exciting techniques and technologies.

The event comprises of two days of single-track presentations (6 & 7 Feb) and an additional workshop day (8 Feb).

Videos from the conference (19):

Rubyfuza 2020: Avdi Grimm - Keynote
Rubyfuza 2020: Tina Heiligers - Keeping performance in check- real time!
Rubyfuza 2020: Kathy Allen Mann -Harnessing Stress
Rubyfuza 2020: Rory Preddy - Accessibility for All
Rubyfuza 2020: Paul Oguda - Why the future of Ruby is Crystal clear
Rubyfuza 2020: Fritz Meissner - Safe, Flexible Tests