Past event
22–23 Aug 2019

RustConf 2019


It's the fourth annual RustConf!

Join more than 400 of the world's top Rust developers for keynotes and talks by Core Team members and major contributors plus an optional day of top-notch training.

Where: Portland, Oregon. When: August 22-23, 2019

Day 1: Dive into a topic with one (or more!) of our training courses led by a community leader with expertise in their field. Day 2: RustConf features talks and keynotes from a diverse lineup of speakers and closes with a celebratory happy hour.

You can reach the organizers via Twitter. DMs are open.

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Past event
Rust Conf 2020
20–21 Aug 2020

Videos from the conference (18):

RustConf 2019 - The Rust 2018 Module System by Josh Triplett
RustConf 2019 - The Symbiotic Relationship of C++ and Rust by Isabella Muerte
RustConf 2019 - From Electron, to Wasm, to Rust (Aaand Back to Electron) by Irina Shestak
RustConf 2019 - Taking Constant Evaluation to the Limit by Oliver Schneider
RustConf 2019 - Tokio-Trace: Scoped, Structured, Async-Aware Diagnostics by Eliza Weisman
RustConf 2019 - Syscalls for Rustaceans by Gargi Sharma