Past event
9–12 Nov 2019

RustFest Barcelona 2019


As usual, this edition of Rustfest will have two first days full of talks and workshops and two additional days (aka Impl Days) where you will be able to get together with other rustaceans, meet in smaller groups and work on your own community projects.

Although we are keeping the same length in terms of days we have decided to change things a little bit and try something different.

This year we’re going to split the days into talks in the morning and workshops in the afternoon on both days.

We took into account the feedback we received from previous editions and we believe this can work well for most of you. This will allow us to have a less packed schedule and more time for you to enjoy both the talks & the workshops.

Videos from the conference (11):

RustFest Barcelona - Sebastian Fernandez & Ryan Levick: R-Evolution: A Story of Rust Adoption
RustFest Barcelona - Zeeshan Ali: zbus: Yet another D-Bus library
RustFest Barcelona - Brian Anderson & Aimee Zhu: Rust in China
RustFest Barcelona - Claudia Saxer: 66 hours of Rust
RustFest Barcelona - David Bach & Malte Sandstede: Right inside the database
RustFest Barcelona - Neville Dipale: Powering Crowd-sourcing of Public Transit Delays with Rust