Past event
28–29 Jun 2019

RustLab 2019


RustLab is the unique Italian conference about Rust.

RustLab is a new conference about the Rust language. Rust is an innovative language that aims to provide performance, reliability, and productivity. Beside Mozilla, Rust is used by top names around us

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Past event
RustLab 2020
12–18 Oct 2020

Videos from the conference (16):

RustLab 2019: Conference introduction: birth of RustLab - Giovanni Bajo
RustLab 2019: Open Sesame! A simple majordomo system built with Rust • Antonio Piraino
RustLab 2019: From C to Rust and back • Luca Barbato
RustLab 2019: An unfair battle • Federico Dolce
RustLab 2019: Lightning talks
RustLab 2019: Machine Learning is changing - is Rust the right tool for the job? • Luca Palmieri