Past event
28–29 Jun 2019

RustLab 2019


RustLab is the unique Italian conference about Rust.

RustLab is a new conference about the Rust language. Rust is an innovative language that aims to provide performance, reliability, and productivity. Beside Mozilla, Rust is used by top names around us

Videos from the conference (16):

RustLab 2019: Adopting Rust by gracefully oxidising web applications • Neville Dipale
RustLab 2019: Syscalls for Rustaceans • Gargi Sharma
RustLab 2019: Deliveroo: Ruby to Rust • Michael Killough
RustLab 2019: Safe and Simple Rust Smart Contracts in NEAR • Maksym Zavershynskyi
RustLab 2019: Fearless Security with Rust • Diane Hosfelt
RustLab 2019: Writing a Nintendo 64 emulator in Rust • Giovanni Bajo