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15 Nov 2019

RVA JavaScript Conf 2019


RVA JavaScript Conf is a one-day conference dedicated to all things JavaScript. Richmond and the greater central Virginia area have an amazing, vibrant developer community. It is time we had a conference of our own to reflect that.

2019 will be the third year for RVA JavaScript Conf. Last year's inaugural conference was a great event with a sell-out crowd. We expect this year to be even better.

We are anticipating running 3 concurrent talks, at 45 minutes each with 6 planned session times throughout the day, 18 talks in total. If you would like to have Q&A time, please incorporate into the 45 minute session time allotted. We are interested in any and all topics surrounding the vast JavaScript domain. Our audience will be about 300 JavaScript Developers, coming together to further their skills.

RVA JavaScript Conf is run by a diverse team of volunteers in Richmond who share a common goal of bringing the developer community together. We are all developers and/or community organizers.

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Past event

Videos from the conference (17):

Build Software like Pixar Makes Movies | John Athayde | RVAJS
Future-proof your Web Apps with Web Components and LitElement | Kito Mann | RVAJS
Angular: Keeping it Fat, Dumb, and Happy: An Architectural Approach | Todd Palmer | RVAJS
Visualizing Large Datasets with JavaScript Using | Marko Letic | RVAJS
jHipster: Building Something Vue-tiful | Leigha Dellinger | RVAJS
Human Readable JavaScript: Using ES2015+ to Craft Better Code | Laurie Barth | RVAJS