At UI5con rookies, experienced, and expert developers are gathering to learn more about the framework and its features from each other.

UI5con is a free of charge event for UI5 enthusiasts to meet in person and find out what’s happening in the UI5 world.

UI5con is meant to connect all the geeks out there — have a common platform to get to know each other, discuss innovations and find solutions.

Videos from the conference (27):

[email protected] 2019: Integrating Applications with Cards
[email protected] 2019: E2E Testing with UIVeri5
[email protected] 2019: How to write reliable OPA tests
[email protected] 2019: Structured UI5 state management with mobx-state-tree
[email protected] 2019: Hidden features: Manipulating UI5 controls on the fly
[email protected] 2019: Enrich your UI5 app using Service Workers