Past event
3–4 Oct 2019

SC London 2019 (SCL)


The place where passionate Software Craftspeople, Community, Experts & Thought Leaders come together.

From the inaugural sold out event in 2017 we doubled the capacity and once again sold out in 2018. This year we will be back at CodeNode in London and looking to forward to welcoming 350 passionate members of the software community to share the skills; tips and insights.

As we all know being a software craftsperson calls on many skills. The technical expertise is (almost!) a given. However, the big differentiator is the creative skill of a craftsperson and how they combine, apply and push the boundaries of technology to create and shape software solutions. This is where the mindset of a software craftsperson comes in and SCLConf is where this mindset plus latest technologies; agile ways of working and tools will be showcased and nurtured.

Videos from the conference (16):

John Ferguson Smart: BDD in Action: Testing Modern Web Applications at Scale - SCL Conf 2019
James Birnie: What does GREAT Architecture Look like? - SCL Conf 2019
Daniel Bryant: Testing Microservices: From Development to Production - SCL Conf 2019
Trisha Gee: Reading Code Is Harder Than Writing It - SCL Conf 2019
Panel Discussion: Architecture in an Agile Environment - SCL Conf 2019
Frances Buontempo: What's Machine Learning Got to Do with It? - SCL Conf 2019