Past event
27–29 Jun 2019

Scala Matsuri


The largest international Scala conference in Asia.

ScalaMatsuri is dedicated to providing an open conference for all technologists from various regions and communities. We want to make it a fun experience for everyone, regardless of gender, race, and many different backgrounds.

The following schedule is expected to be: Thursday, June 27th - wWorkshop DAY Friday, June 28th - conference DAY in conference format (3 parallel sessions). Saturday, June 29th - unconference DAY in unconference format.

Videos from the conference (29):

Applicative Functor - Selective Functor - Monad by Thomas Sutton
9M measurements per sec with Scala by Richard Tarczaly
Programming with Algebraic Data Types by Jiří Jakeš
Phil Bagwell Award Kenji's Pull Request tutorial [email protected]_k
scalaでGANをスクラッチ開発した話/ A story about scratch development of GAN with scala by 鬼木渚沙
面白論文紹介するよ by kmizu