Past event
3–4 Apr 2020

ScalaUA Conference


Important update: Converting ScalaUA-2020 Conference to remote format because of Coronavirus COVID-19

ScalaUA, the biggest Scala conference in Ukraine, warmly invites you to join our Speaker Team!

As participants may remember, ScalaUA was a great success in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Our annual event runs 2 days in 2 streams, having 30+ sessions and features 30+ speakers from 10+ countries, who give their talks to 250+ conference attendees. The event is Scala Community—driven. We are having three groups of talks:

  • Advanced, focused on discussions of new ideas and highly experimental techniques
  • Industrial, focused on the adoption of frameworks, tools and techniques to production, experience reports, etc.
  • Educational, with a clear introduction to the theme, which can be interesting for relative novices in Scala. A format implies free ideas exchange and discussions after the talks.

Videos from the conference (33):

Bartosz Milewski & Oli Makhasoeva at #ScalaUA - Recursion Schemes, Categorically!
François Laroche at #ScalaUA- Akka and event sourcing - Feedbacks on 2+ years using it in production
Paweł Jurczenko at #ScalaUA - Modern JVM Multithreading - ScalaUA-2020 Conference
Alex Merritt at #ScalaUA- ONNX-Scala: Typeful, Functional Deep Learning Model Inference (+)
Natan Silnitsky at #ScalaUA - 10 lessons learned from using Kafka in more than 1000 microservices
Eric Loots at #ScalaUA - First experiences with Akka Typed and Dotty