Past event
5–6 Mar 2020

ScaleConf 2020


Each year ScaleConf brings international and local experts together to share their experience scaling websites and services using modern technologies and philosophies. It is a single-track conference held with no more than 400 attendees, mostly engineers; developers, operations, devops, sysadmins. We love variety, and welcome any talk that tends toward technology or culture in the context of building scalable websites, services, systems, companies, or teams.

Videos from the conference (11):

Dan Wells - The EskomSePush Journey
Lyndsay Prewer - Embracing collaborative chaos - running Game Days on large platforms
Paco Mendes & Alberto Venturini - Refactoring Massive Codebases
Corver Roos - Scaling teams with event driven architecture
Tanaka Mutakwa - Scaling People: Levelling up software engineers
Andrew Newdigate - Dealing with Metrics at Scale at GitLab