Past event

Sciwork is a conference to share and discuss computer code for scientific, numerical, and engineering work. We will focus on source code, and encourage attendees to share open-source work for both scientific researches and technical applications.

There are a lot of conferences for computational researches, but few put the code in the spotlight. When trustworthy results are desired, the reproducibility of computer programs and the software engineering are prerequisites. Sciwork will be organized for the audience who care the code quality as much as the sciences it serves.

The focus areas of sciwork include:

  • Array processing
  • Mathematical and numerical libraries
  • Geometry and visualization
  • Physics, chemistry, and their applications
  • Other science and engineering
  • C++, Python, and other programming languages
  • Compiler, development environment, and software engineering
  • High-performance computing, parallel computing, distributed computing, and concurrent computing
  • Cloud, networking, and storage

The conference is in the preparation phase. We plan to hold in Hsinchu, Taiwan on Saturday, February 22nd, 2020.