Past event

Software Engineering Conference Russia (SECR) is one of the most important and brightest IT events in Russia with a long history and recognized authority. What makes SECR unique is scope. The software development process is considered in all its aspects: technologies, management, education, HR, business, etc. It all comes together in more than 100 conference events for the two main days.

Why attend:

  • programmers + team leads + PMs + architects + analysts + UX + testers = 63%
  • top IT management = 27%
  • scientists + teachers + students = 10%

Videos from the conference (71):

Выход на китайский рынок — как два раза попробовать и один раз смочь
Agile Software Development Automated by Blockchain Smart Contracts
Дополненная реальность — суровая и беспощадная
VR в HR — Как новые технологии влияют на счастье на работе и эффективность сотрудников
Тренды в лицензировании софта. От подписки к плате за использование
Trends and Opportunities in the global Software and IT Services industry