Past event
13–15 May 2020

Security Field Day 3


Security Field Day 3 May 13–15, 2020


Tech Field Day is a series of invite-only technical meetings between delegates invited them from around the world and sponsoring enterprise IT companies that share their products and ideas through presentations, demos, roundtables, and more. Over 2-3 days, a panel of a dozen delegates interact with 6-10 companies on-site in areas like Silicon Valley. These sessions are live-streamed and recordings are shared across our social media channels like YouTube and Twitter. Our events focus on enterprise IT topics from the datacenter to the cloud, mobility and networking to security and storage.

Videos from the conference (15):

Introduction to the VMware Service-Defined Firewall
VMware NSX Distributed Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDS/IPS)
VMware Introduction to the VMware NSX Web Application Firewall
VMware NSX Intelligence: Policy Creation & Microsegmentation Made Easy
PathSolutions TotalView Security Operations Manager
PathSolutions TotalView SecOps Manager Demo