Past event
13 Feb 2020

ServerlessDays Cardiff 2020



The 2020 edition of ServerlessDays Cardiff brings us a broad array of speakers and topics. The Serverless developer and engineer skillset needs to be wider than ever. We need to create and maintain secure, performant, observable, maintainable systems. We also need to be looking out for what is coming next, to keep providing value to our organisations.

With this in mind we have a fantastic lineup already confirmed, looking at the opportunities afforded by serverless, best practices in migrating to serverless, options for addressing the pain points and enterprises sharing what they’re doing today in production. We hope the 2020 edition of ServerlessDays Cardiff will have something for everyone.

Videos from the conference (13):

How to refactor a monolith to serverless in 8 steps - Yan Cui
To Serverless and Beyond! Successful eCommerce Migration at LEGO - Sheen Brisals
Building a serverless data lake in Azure - BJSS
Leveling up with Serverless - Farrah Campbell
Serverless your containers with Knative and Cloud Run - Bret McGowen
Observability across serverless asynchronous managed services - Aviad Mor