Past event

Advances in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) represented by IoT, Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), robots, etc., create a transformation of the new industrial structure as the fourth industrial revolution and improve convenience and comfortable life. Realization of “smart city” such as style is in progress. Also in the country, we aim to realize “Society 5.0”, which is a new society in which these advanced technologies are incorporated into every industry and social life, and both economic development and solution of social issues are compatible.

From this point of view, “Kyoto Smart City Expo” aims to create a “super comfort” smart society, in order to overcome pressing social issues such as a decline in social vitality due to the declining birthrate and aging population and a decline in the working age and population decline. In addition to taking on the challenge, we will aim to establish a mechanism to promote new commercialization and industrialization based on the sustainable open innovation function.