Past event
22–23 Oct 2019

Spec 2019


Spec is an event for developers who are building the future of work, one Slack app at a time.

Come to Spec to share, learn and grow—across all levels and industries.

Whether you’re developing software for Slack’s millions of users or creating tools just for your team, join us. We’re excited to see you there!

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Past event
Frontiers 2020
7–9 Oct 2020

Videos from the conference (10):

Spec 2019 Opening Keynote: Product and Vision
Spec 2019 Keynote: How Slack Builds Slack
Spec 2019: Building a business on Slack
Spec 2019: How Workday is building enterprise-grade Slack apps
Spec 2019: Exploring new surfaces for more interactive apps
Spec 2019: Creating internal tools, from ideation to rollout