Past event
9–12 Jul 2019

Startupfest 2019

Montreal, QC 

Canada's largest startup event, for aspiring founders, ground-breaking innovators and veteran #entrepreneurs from around the world. July 9-12, 2019.

Small enough to meet who you need to meet, big enough that everybody’s there.

More than just world-class content and a global attendee base, Startupfest is known for rethinking the standard event format. Crowned “a music festival for startups” by Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian, you’ll have tangible opportunities to make the connections you need, in one of the world’s most iconic festival cities.

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CFP is open
until 1 Mar 2020
Startupfest 2020
14–18 Jul 2020
QC Montreal Montreal, QC 

Videos from the conference (40):

Startupfest 2019 - 2 things founder need
Startupfest 2019 - Nailing product market fit
Startupfest 2019 - The Technology of Better Humans
Startupfest 2019 - Early stage fundraising: What’s your true north?
Startupfest 2019 - Myths of Silicon Valley
Startupfest VF 2019 - Start-up en IA : L’avantage collaboratif de Montréal