Past event
29 Mar 2020

Stay At Home Conf 2020


After all the measures taken by the coronavirus, several IT-related events have been canceled. Even so and considering that IT Community is used to work remotely, an opportunity was generated to continue creating events to enjoy from home.

The talks will be related to topics of interest in the IT sector.

This event is totally free and nonprofit.

Videos from the conference (13):

[StayAtHomeConf] Tripu - Abusing ECMASCRIPT for fun and enlightenment
[StayAtHomeConf] JJ Merelo - Open science using RMarkdown
[StayAtHomeConf] Daniel de la Cruz - React Hooks: 1 year later
[StayAtHomeConf] Álvaro Salvá Lezaun - Continuous deployment with GitOps
[StayAtHomeConf] Joan López de la Franca - The Context of Go
[StayAtHomeConf] Daniel Voicu - AWS Cloud Security