Past event
23–26 Sep 2019

Strata Data Conference, New York 2019


Data fuels the future: if it’s going to drive the world of data and business, you’ll hear about it at Strata first. Get a head start on the data techniques and technologies you’ll need to succeed at Strata in New York.

A glimpse of tomorrow. The skills you need today. Get it all at Strata.

Data changes fast. Whether it’s building a data infrastructure for AI, moving from on-premise to cloud, or enabling secure real-time streaming analysis, you’ll prepare for what’s coming at Strata. And you'll get the expert-led guidance on the tools and technologies you need to make your data strategies and projects work today. That’s why it’s become the annual reunion of data’s brain trust—and why the Economist said it’s “where the geeks go.” Come geek out with us.


Videos from the conference (32):

Private video
Recent trends in data and machine learning technologies - Ben Lorica (O'Reilly Media)
AI and big ag data for food security - Sara Menker & Nemo Semret (Gro Intelligence)
The future of Google Cloud data processing (sponsored by Google Cloud) - James Malone (Google)
AI isn't magic. It’s Computer Science. - Robert Thomas (IBM), Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media)
Unleash the Power of Data at Scale (sponsored by Intel) - Jeremy Rader (Intel)