Past event
17–19 Jun 2019

swampUP 2019


Don't miss out on the premier DevOps conference of the year.

3 days of live hands-on training, labs, technical sessions, keynotes & expo. Get your tickets now!

Training Day: A powerful and focused day of hands-on JFrog training. Delivered by JFrog experts, equipping you to take your next DevOps leap forward and preparing you for admin level DevOps and DevSecOps requirements.

Conference First Day: Kick-off the excitement with visionary keynotes and thought-provoking DevOps tracks driven by best practices delivered by industry leaders. Enjoy the hoppin’ expo, then power your network at JFrog’s famous Community Gala Dinner.

Conference Second Day: Extend your knowledge with a full day of deep-diving sessions with JFrog and DevOps industry experts that make Cloud, DevSecOps and CI/CD practical and accessible.

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Videos from the conference (40):

swampUP 2019 | No Code DevOps - JFrog Pipelines - Avi Cavale & Manisha
swampUP 2019 - Recap
IBM Cloud & JFrog: Our Growth Story
swampUP 2019 | Software Delivery Automation as Minimization of Surprise - Jim Clark
swampUP 2019 | Box’s Kubernetes Journey: Leading a Firm's Transition to DevOps - Kunal Parmar
swampUP 2019 | DevOps Works Only When You Do It Right - Nicole Forsgren