Past event
15 Nov 2019

Swift Heroes 2019


Swift Heroes is a one day conference in Turin, Italy, for developers, designers and project managers at all levels of experience with the Swift platform. Launched in 2018 with 350 participants, Swift Heroes is an event for Italian and international speakers and attendees.

The conference agenda is constructed hand-in-hand with a committee of Swift developers to ensure that the content is super relevant, useful and interesting. The speaker line up is a combination of invited speakers and selected speakers from the call-for-papers platform, with the aim of bringing the brightest minds to the stage.

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Past event
Past event

Videos from the conference (14):

Invest in Test: Unit testing iOS applications - Jayesh Kawli - Swift Heroes 2019
The Underestimated Power of Keypaths - Vincent Pradeilles - Swift Heroes 2019
Wrapping things with Combine - Stefano Mondino - Swift Heroes 2019
Designing a Design System - Shai Mishali - Swift Heroes 2019
Bringing Swift UI to your App - Daniel Steinberg - Swift Heroes 2019
The Nomadic Approach to Teaching iOS Development - Vadim Drobinin - Swift Heroes 2019