Past event
28–29 Nov 2019

BA: Swiftable 2019


Swiftable is a brand new iOS conference from Latin America, having the first edition in Buenos Aires. Taking place in "Centro Cultural de la Ciencia" with capacity for 480 attendees, the event will last two days from Nov 28th to Nov 29th.

Being a piece of the Latin American iOS ecosystem, we want to gather all the communities in one place, where people will be able to share knowledge and techniques to improve iOS craftmanship.

Videos from the conference (21):

2.9 - Francisco Diaz - Working effectively at scale
2.8 - Aline Borges - Feature flag all things
2.7 - Michael Rebello - Envoy Mobile & the upcoming networking revolution
2.6 - Keith Smiley - An alternative approach to building & shipping Swift apps
2.5 - Julian Gutierrez Ferrara - VIPER: What could possibly go wrong?
2.4 - Mathias Claassen y Rodrigo Arsuaga - Creating forms with SwiftUI